Does My Turtle Need a Heater?

By | February 27, 2020

Do you want to keep turtles as your pet? If so, you must know everything about them before buying or adopting one. Often small pets like turtles, are misbehaved in shops whenever kept for selling. Adoption here is a better option than buying. However, whether you adopt a turtle or buy one, you should be aware of its origin and habitat like factors. Turtles are mostly known to carry a salmonella type of bacteria that can be transmitted to people. But there are still houses where turtles are adored as pets. So the article will guide you about the dos and don ts and also about the best turtle tank heater.

Turtles as pets

Does My Turtle Need a Heater?

Turtles are getting famous as pets day by day. Almost every household has a turtle pet due to the low maintenance in comparison to larger pets like dogs. They can even interact more than fishes. But like every other pet, you need to know more about a turtle before you buy it. This will ensure a healthy lifestyle of the pet as well as the members of the house.

  • Do not buy or adopt wild turtles as a pet. They aren’t great with captivity. You can find small turtles in shops around. Make sure that those turtles are not sold illegally.
  • You must go through the local laws for adopting a turtle. This will ensure the legal adoption of a turtle as a pet.
  • Turtles are known to carry salmonella bacteria which can be harmful to young children and pregnant women. So make sure you always wash your hands after touching them.
  • Turtles less than 4 inches in size should not be sold as small children might put them in the mouth. It can also be difficult to find such turtles in your home if you set them loose.
  • Try to maintain the best hygiene protocol while keeping a turtle in the home. So after touching turtles do not touch yourself or any other thing before washing your hands.
  • You should also keep turtles away from food to avoid the spread of the bacteria. Try keeping them in a cage made for turtles.

Steps to buy the right turtle

Does My Turtle Need a Heater?

Before knowing about the best turtle tank heater, it is important that you buy the right turtle. Turtles can be amazing pets only if you buy the correct one. Buying a turtle needs careful research and finding the right seller. Below are some steps you can follow to buy a turtle.

  • Find a reputed seller-Being a working person, you will definitely seek for a turtle seller first. Always seek for well-established pet stores who have a reputed image. Since illegal selling of wild turtles is common, so be aware of the same.
  • Look for captive-bred turtles-Wild turtles are illegally sold and are unhealthy in captivity. So whenever you buy a turtle, ask for the verification that the turtle is captive-bred. If there is no verification, do not buy the turtle.
  • Choose the correct species-Again choosing the species is important as the rate at which they grow is important. If the turtle is sensitive to a climate where you live, you might find it difficult to maintain it. Also, gather information about the growth rate of the turtle.
  • Buy healthy turtle-A turtle that has a runny nose, swollen eyes or more, then the turtle is sick. A gasping sounding while breathing also indicates that a turtle is sick.
  • Check the sex-Male turtles have a concave outwards back. However, the seller can help you in identifying the sex of the turtle.
  • One at a time-Do does not buy more than one turtle if this is your first time. Try keeping one turtle first.

The best turtle tank heater

Does My Turtle Need a Heater?

You need to keep the equipment to keep your pet happy. One important thing is the best turtle tank heater and how essential it is for the turtle. You must how to set up a good turtle tank and the components within it. Below is a list of things needed to keep your turtle happy.

  • Aquarium-It should be of the size that allows turtles to swim properly. Depending on the quality of your turtle, the tank must be chosen. Since your turtle will grow, hence choosing the proper size is important. For instance, a male turtle needs 120 gallons tank.
  • Water heaters-Turtles are sensitive to cold water or specifically temperature. So you need to keep the tank water warm. A submersible water heater is a good way to keep the water temperature suitable for turtles. The ideal temperature is between 70 F to 85 F for the turtles. For baby turtles, the starting of the spectrum should be warmer and ending should be cooler. So adjustable heaters are recommendable.
  • Tank filters-This will ensure hygiene in the tank and keep your turtle healthy. The filter will clean the tank from solid wastes, turtle’s excreta’s and other dust particles. This will reduce the manual cleaning. Best filters should be 2 to 3 times the tank capacity.
  • Basking platform-Since turtles are cold-blooded, a basking platform will keep them warm. It is a heat source failing which they might even die. However you can place the tank near the window for sunlight, but that alone is not sufficient.
  • UV lamps-Turtles need UV rays to develop calcium and vitamin D. Indoor sunlight Is not sufficient for turtles to do so. Hence a UV lamp can help them do so. You can buy a fluorescent lamp to place it in the tank.

Sum up

Does My Turtle Need a Heater?

Turtles require messy food to float around in the aquarium. Simply keeping turtles as a pet is not enough unless you know what’s right for them and how you can keep them healthy. Now you know about the best turtle tank heater and other aquarium components, buy a turtle today. Make sure you buy it from a legal seller. Choose the breed and species correctly to avoid future issues. Turtles can be a good pet too especially with low Maintainance. So set the mini turtle home to welcome your turtle pet today.