How Often Should You Change Corn Snake Bedding?

By | January 16, 2020

The corn snake is the orange to yellow colored snake found in the regions of North America. It is generally known to cause less discomfort and easy to foster by the beginners in the field of snake caretaking. They usually need less care and do not demand much attention from the owners. They mostly live in areas like woodlands of oak and pine, but the bedding preferred for the pet snakes is the bedding of aspen wood. It contains less fragrant wood as compared to the other woods, and hence it is the most loved by these snakes to live. Therefore, the owners are suggested to keep their place comfortable for them at home.

The bedding of the snake should be changed once every two months as this is the most appropriate time for it to get changed. The bedding should be made from aspen wood due to its properties of being extremely soft. It is the most suitable bedding for them in terms of texture and quality. It will be great if the bedding of the snake will also have the heating bed placed in it. The corn snakes are not habitual of residing in cold climatic conditions; therefore, it is suggested to consider buying a heating pad along with the aspen wood bedding. It will change the temperature of the place at a rapid speed.

The appearance of corn snakes:

How Often Should You Change Corn Snake Bedding?

The corn snakes are the native snakes of the continent of North America, and they are generally orange in color. These snakes have an attractive skin pattern that fascinates other people to buy them and bring them home. It takes little time to get friendly with these snakes due to their comparatively calm nature.

Where to keep the corn snakes?

There are numerous kinds of cages and tanks available for snakes, but the perfect one is the one made from glass. It enables the owners to continuously keep an eye on their pet snakes while performing other household work as well. Along with it, these types of glass enclosures provide a familiar sensation to the snakes in being at home. It makes them feel similar to living in the woods.

Why do we need to change the bedding?

How Often Should You Change Corn Snake Bedding?

To prevent the bedding from accumulating unwanted bacteria and dirt particles, it becomes pretty essential to change the bedding whenever required completely. The snake occasionally shed their skin too, and that needs to be removed from his place as well. The best corn snake substrate is regarded as the aspen wood bedding. A plus point for using it as snake bedding is that the corn snakes can easily burrow in this sort of bedding. If you notice any kind of bad odor coming from the bedding, then it is nice to change it at the very point of time. Otherwise, it should be changed at least every month.

What else can be placed in a snake cage?

A snake cage should be the first reason to buy while buying a corn snake; hence it will be the home for the snake for his upcoming life. Fostering a corn snake is not an easy task; it needs proper time and effort to look after a snake for several years. The cage of the snake may contain other items for the snake as well, such as hiding material, eating bowls, drinking bowls, and many other useful items along with these.

Why choose aspen wood for snake bedding?

Pine and cedarwood beddings should be avoided for the snakes because it is somewhat harder than the aspen wood, and snakes require soft material to crawl. They can easily make their burrows when placed in aspen wood bedding. Newspapers can also be placed inside the cage that allows them to play with extra items. The second reason after the texture is that the aroma of the wood should be as little as possible. Along with it, the woods used for the purpose of bedding should not contain any kind of harmful chemical coatings such as linseed oil and many others. The aspen shaving bedding is appropriate for the snakes, not needing high humidity.

Suitable temperature for corn snakes:

How Often Should You Change Corn Snake Bedding?

Corn snakes generally cannot survive in cold weather conditions; hence it is suitable for them to stay in warm temperatures. The owners can make use of heating pads to fulfill their heating requirements. The type of bedding also matters in this situation. The Best Corn Snake Substrate is the one that is somewhat warm in texture. In contrast to this, they breed for 70 to 90 days, and that is known as brumation period when they need little or no sunlight. They typically reproduce their offspring in cold climate and also go for the process of hibernation similar to other reptiles and insects.

Other types of accessible beddings for snakes:

There are several other kinds of beddings easily available for snakes such as orchid bark and peat moss that can be placed as snake beddings, but aspen shavings and cypress are the most widely used for this purpose due to their smooth and warm texture? The corn snake requires warm and heating temperature conditions in order to survive. It becomes the responsibility of the owner to look after that the snakes do not engulf any of the wood shavings or wood particles.

What to offer them for food?

The maximum number of snakes is carnivores, and they eat other tiny reptiles smaller than the size of their heads. It completely depends upon the type of species that what they will eat. They might intake some other insects, frogs, worms, and many other small reptiles. It is known to be healthy for them if the owner also provides them some calcium-rich foods that help in strengthening their bone density as well as the immune system. It is essential to provide them enough food and keep observing them for a minimum of two times per day. Fill their food and water bowls at regular intervals.