Pawsitively Pit Bull Incorporated Services is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dog rescue and sanctuary specifically for pit bulls and pit bull mixes.

We are a 100% volunteer-run organization based in Portland, Oregon.

Amanda Gribben and Darren Linder have been rescuing pit bulls since 2000,

and they officially incorporated PPBIS in 2003.

We decided to focus solely on helping pit bulls and their owners after being sickened by the neglect and abuse regularly done to this breed and the fear people have of them. Seeing this breed so over-represented in shelters, homeless and awaiting euthanasia has led us to create Pawsitively Pit Bull. Having happy pit bull homes will help the breed regain its good name and eliminate the negative stereotypes associated with them. Our goal is to help these dogs become positive examples of the breed and change their undeserved bad reputation.

It is our experience that pit bulls are the most loving, intelligent, communicative, trainable and loyal dogs you can ever have. Due to a pit bull’s intense desire to please their owners, unfortunately some people are able to teach them to become aggressive to other animals and humans, some even using them in illegal dog fights. The media only feeds the stereotype that pit bulls are inherently aggressive.

As an over represented breed at animal shelters, pit bulls are regularly euthanized. Reasons for this are misinterpreted behaviors, the false belief that they are “too aggressive”, and misrepresented histories. There are no evil dog breeds, only evil dog owners who intentionally train their dogs to do evil deeds. Any breed can be made aggressive and hostile by neglect and abuse.

We work with various agencies and individuals to rescue and rehabilitate the pit bulls that are deemed “unadoptable” and will likely be euthanized. Ninety-five percent of our pit bulls come from shelters or agencies that have tried to adopt the pit bull without success. When a pit bull is flagged for euthansia, our organization will assess the pit bull and take it into our program if space permits and the pit bull has potential for rehabilitation. With rehabilitation, training, personal attention, exercise, medical care, and love, most dogs can be successfully matched with a loving new home.

Some pit bulls that come to us have suffered such severe abuse, trauma, and/or have such challenging physical disabilities that it is unlikely that they would be adopted. These pit bulls would not be ambassadors of the breed in the community, but are wonderful dogs that can live out their natural lives without abuse or the threat of euthanasia at the sanctuary.

Our Mission

We are committed to making every pit bull we work with an ambassador of the breed. We are committed to changing the negative perception of this breed and finding loving homes for the ones that we rescue.

We have set up a no-kill sanctuary specifically for pit bulls. We also do limited boarding at the facility, known as Camp Pit Bull. Our organization offers private obedience and behavior training services. We will continue rescue operations, adoption services, consulting, community education, outreach and foster care.

We will also work to prevent any proposed Breed
Specific Legislation (BSL) of pit bulls in Oregon.

Since we work directly with the area animal shelters to screen dogs, we do not accept personal relinquishments of pit bulls.