How Long Does a Golf Club Last?

How Long Does a Golf Club Last?

It’s OK to get used to your golf club after a long period of use. Especially if the golf club tends to be your favorite, you may feel like using it till you quit the golf game. But, nothing lasts forever. Don’t let it be strange to you that the same applies to the golf clubs. 

Golf clubs also expire. Though the manufacturer might not inscribe the expiring date on it, the time is coming when it would not be good again for the game. And that’s where the dilemma lies. 

When a golf club becomes weak, it affects everything about the performance of the user. And, that seems to the point at which most golfers start to think about getting another one. But, I have this question for you: would you rather wait until your club start to malfunction before you change it? That’s even unprofessional! 

Hence, you need to know how long your golf club can serve at its peak performance before it becomes a problem for your game.

Now let’s get to it!

Averagely, modern golf clubs can become worn out from three years onward. Does that mean your golf club is no more good for playing golf after three years? No! Indeed, an average latest golf club can serve you for a lifetime if you take proper maintenance precautions and repairs very seriously. So, underline this fact in your mind: the longevity of a golf club largely depends on how well you care for it and how frequently you play. 

It is also a factual statement that golf clubs wear out after a long period of consistent use. It happens at different rates. Why is the rate different? It’s simple. Put two professional golfers side by side; you will discover that one uses his golf club more than the other. Now, would you expect their golf club to wear out at the same time? No way!

From experience, most golfers don’t know the right time to replace their golf clubs. That is because when it’s becoming worn out, it doesn’t get completely useless. Generally, the wedges and driver are the first part to go out of the entire set. When your wedges become weak, the grove wears out. Likewise, the drivers can start to lose impact as you keep hitting them every day on the course.

On the other hand, your irons may last for several years because they are the least used of the set. Your putter also may not wear out quickly. Indeed if you take good care of them, they may serve you till your last days on the course.

In the past, golf clubs last for a short period because the materials used to make those golf clubs and balls were not durable enough. For instance, hickory helped produced shafts, and the balls were wooden. That was why the ancient golf equipment could break at any time. 

However, in this present age that technology has advanced, golf manufacturers use top-quality materials to make enduring clubs. That’s why those golf clubs can serve an average golfer throughout his entire golfing life. Nowadays, club heads, shafts, and grips have become more fit for the golf course.   

So, let’s agree that you can continue using your golf club as much as it is still delivering excellent results. There’s no point in replacing them if they are still doing the job perfectly for several rounds on the golf course. Notwithstanding, you don’t have to wait until your club start malfunctioning before you replace them. When you see that you have outgrown your club or part of the club needs serious repair, at this juncture, you buying a new golf club is necessary.

How frequently should you replace your golf club?

We have earlier discussed that it can affect your performance on the course when your golf club wears out. At the same time, changing your golf club frequently can negatively affect your game. 

In an interview, a prolific golfer revealed that he learned the hard way that changing golf clubs like clothes almost marred his entire iconic career. What happened? He got enticed anytime new collections of golf clubs made with advanced technology shows up in the market. According to him, he was one of the first set to buy them. 

He said, “when I was young, adult golfers always advised me to keep my golf clubs for at least two years. But I always assumed that they were saying all that to restrain me from spending too much money. I didn’t know I was killing my own game.”

Having noted that, it is right to conclude that golfer should not have the mind to change their golf clubs except they have outgrown it or it has worn out. 

If you want to get more about how often you should replace your club, the statistics below can guide you further. in the US:

  • 7% of golfers replace their golf clubs every 12 months 
  • 2% of golfers replace them every two years 
  • 17% of golfers change their clubs every three years 
  • 31% of golfers (Almost a third) change their golf clubs every four years 
  • 43% of golfers (Almost half) replace their clubs after four years

How can you make your golf club serve you longer?

Without a doubt, if you love the game, you will shower your golf club with attention, love, and care just like a baby. If you do that correctly, it can serve you till you finally hang the club on the shelf for retirement. The following tips will help elongate the life span of your club.

Tips on how to make your golf club last longer

  • Ensure that you clean the golf club after each shot 
  • Use a metallic brush to remove dirt in your irons.
  • Clean your metal golf club with a plastic brush.
  • Change your club grips every year.
  • Cover your club when not in use.


Bear in mind that you should not consider making the necessary expenses when your golf club is in bad condition. You have to cultivate the habit of taking proper care of it when it is serving you perfectly. It is unprofessional to wait until your equipment spoils before giving it attention.  

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